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We provide a full range of rugged & reliable measurement sensors, instrumentation, pumps, drive couplings and hydraulic components to suit the needs of even the most demanding of industrial applications.

Pressure Gauge

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to continuously strive for excellence in providing solutions to cater for the Process & Factory Automation needs and work closely with our business partners in achieving their ultimate goal in the global market. All of us at Cergas Group are completely committed to customer service and support, and we continue to provide the highest standards for the benefit of our value customer.

• Constantly increase our company’s productivity and yield.

• Provide product that are safe for use.

• Have competent staff so as to meet our quality standards.

• Improve the quality and knowledge of our staff.

• Provide quality products and services to our customers.

More Ways Than Ever To Display Our Products!

Subsurface flow and pressure measurement down to 4000 metres. Axial Turbines, Oval Gear Flowmeters and Pressure Sensors for sea water, hydraulic fluids and additives. Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, ATEX and high pressure designs.

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